Music For The Screen

I write, compose, and produce primarily music for “placement” and “sync” for TV, Film, Trailers, Commercials, and Video Games. As a former video editor, broadcast professional, and professional musician, I strive to be an “A” list go-to for music supervisors and editors to help you do your job better.

As a music producer my passion is to provide music that emotes an audience, and makes the job flow for the production team, by providing stems, alternate mixes, and cut-downs of the highest quality music and production. No job too small, or too big.

This is my digital homebase for music examples, and information to provide you with what I offer. The music has been placed in what I consider category albums for placement according to my intent while composing. However as a music supervisor, music editor, or director you may license any selections you think useful to add the sonic sauce to your project to move the story forward with compelling emotion. Go to the Music Library page for examples.

Thank you for visiting.

Don Gilmore